4 Features That Elevate a Living Room

Getting that perfect balance of cozy and functional in a living room can be tricky, which is why homeowners will often turn to a design expert for help. We spoke to five professionals to find the features they put at the top of the list when designing a client’s living area. They’re guaranteed to take your living room project from good to great.


When designing a living room, we recommend you select the sofa first as it is generally the largest piece of furniture in the room. It must be proportionate to the space it’s going into, and very comfortable. It’s best to choose an easy-to-clean fabric in a neutral color that’s simple to update with cushions.


We recommend specifying custom-made upholstery pieces from local makers. Not only does this support local manufacturing, but it’s generally easier to customize pieces to your client’s needs, and you can easily follow the progress of the manufacturer. There is often more flexibility with timing, and you won’t have the hassle — or cost — of relying on overseas shipping.


Rabizhome is a local company and we offer multiple designs in retail and custom pieces. Sofas, sofa sets, and chairs are available in multiple designs and proportions to fit your living the best.


Where possible, look to design the living room so the television is not the main focal point of the room.


Ideally, design custom cabinetry to house the television or use a dark color on the wall behind the screen to camouflage it when it’s switched off. If that’s not possible, consider a television that disguises the screen as an artwork when it’s not in use.


The right floor rug can really make a room and getting the proportion right is part of the success. The rug you specify should appear generous. However, leaving some exposed floor around the rug is also important. As a general rule of thumb, choose a size that allows you to have a third or two-thirds of the room’s furniture sitting on the rug.


Area rugs not only define and frame the living space, but they also provide acoustic benefits and add coziness. Seagrass and sisal rugs look beautiful but are no fun if your clients are sitting on the floor for games night, so I typically encourage soft-pile carpets.


Visit Rabizhome.com to find the perfect furniture and all accessories you need to bring your living room to life. The furniture of your taste to go along with the rug that suits the best.


We would always discuss our client’s storage needs with them when designing a living room. Depending on the space available, storage could be in the form of a TV unit, bookshelves, a sideboard, a buffet, or side tables.


Rabizhome has numerous designs in center tables, coffee tables, consoles, shelves, and racks to provide you with sufficient storage space. You can also match your sofa sets or chairs with the table that compliments it the most.


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