Color Schemes for Your Perfect Home

When we enter a home, the first thing we all tend to notice are the color schemes. Colors of the walls, the floors, the doors but most importantly, colors of the furniture. Furniture is what makes the vibe of home come together, thus it is the most important element.





In this modern era, it is essential to keep up with the styles and trends of the world. Does this color go with that color? That is a question many people ask themselves when it comes to their home.

The trendiest furniture color in Lahore these days is off white or ash. Contrasting with a variety of beiges, yellows and oranges. Off white furniture goes really well with warmer tones in the bedroom.

Who does not like classics, right? Brown wooden furniture goes really well in darker bedrooms. A touch of class and the cosy interior makes you forget how weary you feel getting home after a long day.

Although, to get the best furniture for your bedroom it is important that it goes with the theme of your entire home. is the best place to come find the perfect bed sets for your bedroom according to your taste.




Living rooms are the heart of every home and its furniture is its beauty. Think of sofa sets, Centre tables or consoles. It all reminds us of a perfect living that makes everyone sitting in it feel welcomed.

Centre table design is something that has varied over time and generational preferences. Back in the olden days, Centre tables were made of dark, heavy and carved wood with an English's touch to it.

Someone who likes modernity and wants their home to have a sleek appearance usually goes with sleek Centre tables. Flat, sleek and finely polished coffee tables are the go to furniture for such homes.

This venture offers you a wide range of sofa sets, consoles, mirrors, Centre tables and other living room essentials both in modern and classic tastes. Our home is a reflection of our personalities so it is important to invest in good quality furniture to make it look the best.




Who does not like to sit and spend time in nature? It is one of the moments of comfort you seek in this busy world. 

Obviously if you have a garden that you enjoy spending time in, it is essential that it is aesthetically pleasing enough to cause that effect on you. Thus, outdoor furniture is a must.

Going with the theme of your garden, you can choose the colors of your furniture. A fairytale looking green garden with flowers and bird houses would be complemented with a white painted wrought iron table and chair set.

Wooden classic table sets are best for a cosy cabin touch to our garden. The ambiance is a major factor when it comes to our moods. Investing in outdoor furniture should not be considered  any less important than the rest of the home furniture.