Design Mistakes: How Not to Design a Boring Neutral Room

Neutral/beige rooms are not as effortless as they look. This route appears easy because beige goes with beige right? It is not as simple as buying furniture in the shade of off-white. In addition, really good neutral rooms include the right balance of texture, tones, and a touch of difference.



Successful neutral rooms need depth and complexity to be special. Picking everything in a matchy-matchy tone will fall flat.

Deep rich woody tones like cane furniture are ideal. You can add a cane armchair to your room. In addition, middle tones like off-white or chock paint on furniture can be useful. Off-white furniture is the new hype this year.

Moreover, for your perfect neutral room, you can add shelves or cabinets in lighter shades of white. Placing art on the shelves or cute accessories can add life to the room.

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As mentioned earlier, varied tones of almost everything are crucial to a good neutral room. Mixing colors in furniture, floors, and walls give a livelier overall experience of the room.

Shelves, floor, and coffee table being a shade of light brown are ideal for any neutral room. Sofas and armchairs should be in nice creamy hues. The rug being a shade darker will add life.

However, once the foundation is set, it is easier to layer in all the extras. Pillows, trays, curtains, art. All kept in a quiet palette, it will perfectly melt together like butter.

In addition, the varied hues do not even have to be severely different. After all, you decide what suits your room best. This neutral approach is like the ‘no makeup’ makeup look for interior design.



However, with so many shades and hues of almost the same colors, every room needs a color break. Adding a shade of black will give the perfect balance to your neutral room.

Besides, black is grounding, adds depth, and draws the eye. Adding black lamps or vases or frames are all good options.

These provide a much-needed contrast and tension in an otherwise quiet room. This is crucial to all neutral rooms.

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