Get Inspired to Design Your Best Home

Get Inspired to Design Your Best Home


Welcome to our Inspiration guide where you can browse the latest trends, classic styling, and tips and tricks to simplify building a unique space to match your style. Curated by experts in interior design, textiles, and (of course) furniture design, these insights are a valuable guide in your search for the home of your dreams.


It’s time to reflect on the traditional patterns and prints that have stood the test of time. From florals to tweeds, these classic looks are coming back in 2023. However, this year is not just about looking back. It’s also about adding a handmade appeal to fabrics and blending old and new design elements to create unique modern looks.


In addition, handmade fabrics are gaining momentum in the fashion industry. Whether it’s embroidery, crochet, or macrame, these fabrics are adding a personal touch to home décor. It’s all about adding texture and depth to any space with the imperfection of handmade textiles.


While traditional patterns and prints are making a comeback, they are not just for vintage designs anymore. Designers are blending old and new fabrics to create unique and modern looks. Tweed-type fabrics are being paired with minimalist couches. It’s all about creating unexpected combinations that add interest and personality to any space. 


Rabizhome has furniture that gives you all the possible options. Deewans and chesterfield sofas for a timeless classic look. L-shaped sofas, couches and settees for a more modern look. Moreover, colors, prints and patterns for every theme. Check out our range to pick your favourite design.


Grandmillennial style is a design trend that takes inspiration from the aesthetics of previous generations. This style is sometimes also referred to as “granny chic” or “new traditional”. Grandmillennial style embraces vintage elements, but with a modern twist. Along with mixing and matching different patterns and textures, using traditional elements.


Grand millennial style is known for being cozy, warm, and welcoming. It often incorporates elements that are reminiscent of your grandparents’ house or your childhood home. It’s a style that celebrates the past, but with a fresh and updated approach. 


Our country has a rich cultural history and the furniture designs have been carried on through generations. Antique wood, carvings and royal patterns have been in our generational homes for centuries. Rabizhome has sofa sets and center tables that will take you back in your childhood days. Beautiful carved designs, dewans, chesterfield sofas, and much more to choose from.


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