How to Make a Guest Space Welcoming

As someone who has likely spent time as a guest in other people’s homes, consider your experiences. What made you feel comfortable in a space that was not yours? How can you do the same when you have people come to stay and why is it important? When you have people spending at least a couple of nights with you, helping them feel welcome can make a difference in whether or not they ever want to visit again.



Sleeping in your bed, after being away, always feels good, and knowing this can help ensure your guests feel right at home. Nice bedding, soft blankets, comfortable pillows, and a quality mattress will give them a cozy place to retreat at night.

The time of year may determine whether you need a fan or AC as well as how many blankets you have in the room (and what kind) so your guests are not too hot or too cold.

Moreover, ensure you also have extra pillows in case your guests need additional support when sitting up in bed or sleeping.

Additionally, an alternative to just one bed in the guest room is having two twin beds. You can push them together to create one larger bed as needed. It also does not hurt to have an air mattress that you can easily store away.



Giving your guests storage space will allow them to keep their belongings organized. They can easily find what they need as if they were in their own room. Make sure there is space in the closet so they can hang up jackets and other clothing.

Moreover, you can also put hooks on the back of the door for their bath towels when they are not using them. Additionally, if people are coming for a short stay and do not need to put things away, a luggage rack is a great accessory to have them able to access their luggage easily.

In addition, rearrange the room so that the nightstands, dressers, or side tables sit close to any outlets, allowing your guests to charge their phones and other devices with easy access. You could even get a power strip so there are plenty of plugs.

Also, consider buying a bed with drawers underneath so there’s still a place for your guests to keep their clothes. This would be especially convenient for a multi-purpose room (i.e. home office/guest bedroom).




Sometimes it is the small details that make a difference in how your guests feel. Putting a chair in their room will be nice, so they can sit down to put their shoes on.

Furthermore, a full-length mirror hanging on the back of a door or resting against the wall is always good. Additional items like a fan and/or a humidifier help to ensure a comfortable stay.

If you have kids who moved out yet still come visit, consider redoing their rooms. Adding personal touches like wedding photos, plus a crib. Moreover, installing blackout shades to make sure the baby does not wake mom and dad up too early. Also, sometimes leave a sweet treat on their pillows.

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