Minimalist Dorm Room Ideas for a Stylish Space

Decorating your dorm room in a minimalist style is a challenge: you have a lot of things and need more space to store them. If you're heading to college for the first time, you've most likely spent weeks gathering all the essentials. You've scooped up some twin extra-long sheets and new towels grabbed healthy snacks to keep on hand for late-night study sessions and chatted with your roommate about who's picking up the mini-fridge. And if it's a return year for you, you already have plenty of dorm supplies and are likely acquiring more.



There's nothing wrong with taking a more minimalist approach as you design your space. If you're thinking that going the minimalist route sounds kind of boring, think again. Note that being a minimalist doesn't have to equate to eliminating color entirely. You can still decorate with your favorite hues, hang up some artwork, and pick out some fun throw pillows. You'll just want to be mindful about not overwhelming your room with too many decorative accents or letting a mountain of papers accumulate on your desktop.



Rather than plastering your dorm or apartment wall with posters galore, select just one special art piece that speaks to you and hang it above your bed.

You'll thank yourself when you arrive back to the dorm after a long day of classes and your sleeping nook feels soothing and not overwhelming.

If abstract art like this appeals to you, note that you can also DIY a piece of your own using canvas and paint from the craft store.

There's no right or wrong way to make an abstract art piece, so you certainly don't need to be a pro to try your hands at a project like this one. In fact, this could even be an activity that you do with your new roommate.



Sticking to one color scheme will ensure that your dorm room looks aesthetically pleasing yet not overwhelming. Pink, white, and gray are a no-fail combo, particularly if you appreciate the frilly things in life.



Rather than stuffing your beauty products haphazardly in a desk drawer, display your most often used bottles on a cute tray. Here, perfume doubles as decor and is easy to spritz on prior to rushing out the door for class.



Keep your core bedding simple then have a bit of fun with colorful throw pillows. These vibrant pieces add energy to any dorm, yet the overall result is far from chaotic due to the solid colors that are also at play.



We know, it's all too easy to let your nightstand become a dumping ground for electronics, makeup, and candy wrappers. But you'll want to train yourself to tuck (or throw) these items away before they clutter up your sleep space. Keep your nightstand distraction-free by setting out only the essentials you'll reach for every evening. Don't forget a lamp for late-night reading in bed.