Rules For Picking a Coffee Table

The coffee table. So functional, so often an afterthought. Sofas get all the living room glory, and sure they keep us comfortable. But the coffee table is the workhorse of the living room. How many hours do we put into choosing the perfect sofa, rug or chairs for our living room? To then throw in a random coffee table that usually does not go along. Here’s the guidance you might need in the coffee table shopping department.




Of course, you can go with whatever shape or size you like. However, to have an ideal relationship between your table and sofa here are some things to keep in mind.

Your coffee table should be at least half the length of your sofa. No more than roughly 2⁄3 the length. When the sizes compliment each other, it improves the overall aesthetic of your living room.

The coffee table should be about the same height as the seat, give or take 4 inches. People sitting on the sofa should easily be able to access the coffee table. Not too low, not too high. Just the perfect height.

However, if you have an L-shaped sofa set, these measurements apply only to the horizontal seat. The vertical length of the chaise compliments the side of the table. Giving it the perfect look for your living room.



Once you figure out the right size, it is important to choose the perfect shape for your space. Rectangular and oval coffee tables can be used interchangeably. Same goes for round and square ones.

Rectangle is the best choice if you have a standard sofa, so everyone can have easy access to their snacks or drinks. This is also a great choice if you have a narrow space. With minimal walk-around space, it is best to choose a sleek table.

In addition, if you have a living room with sofas and chairs, a conversational setup, square is the way to go. It fits perfectly in the middle of L-shaped sofa sets and a big space between all your seating.

However, for a smaller area it is best to go with a round table. Every piece of furniture counts and the smaller your table the more furniture you can add. In bigger spaces, it goes really well with L-shaped sofa sets.



Every home requires furniture that matches the aesthetic of the place. More modern homes are likely to have abstract or sleek coffee tables in their living room.

Moreover, homes made in traditional styles or old architecture require furniture to go with that vibe. Beautifully carved wooden coffee tables or tables with marble tops. offers a wide range of coffee tables to choose from. With this given guidance, choose a coffee table to fit your living room the best.

Whether it is shape, size or style, this company offers the best designs in a range of different prices. So you can find the perfect budget friendly coffee table. Start putting as much effort in this decision as you do in other pieces of furniture, because coffee tables bring the whole room together.