These Are the House Amenities You Can Skip

We have all seen homebuyers on any number of television shows with a laundry list of amenities they absolutely insist on for their new home. Amenities, which are valued additions to a property, such as certain finishes and gourmet appliances in the kitchen to professional lighting and landscaping of a yard, are always in demand. But are these amenities all really necessary? Some real estate professionals offer insight into what house amenities most homebuyers could do without.




Not long ago, having a room dedicated to watching movies or television on a grand theater-style screen was a big status symbol coveted by many.

Everybody wanted a place for a couple of rows of comfortable lounge chairs, a top-notch sound system, and maybe a little kitchenette for their favorite snacks.

These specialty rooms are still on some peoples’ wish lists, but don’t let the lack of one stop you from selecting an otherwise perfect home. These days, technology can turn any room you choose into a media room.



Fewer walls can definitely make a home look larger than its actual footprint, and that makes this layout very popular.

While everyone is going to open concept (owners who are remodeling, builders, and flippers), I think people will eventually get sick of this layout. With open-concept homes, it is difficult to create separate living spaces and decorate them as such.

Also, with open floor plans, it can be a challenge when entertaining. Think of it this way: If you are hosting guests, you are always staring at dishes in the sink, and stuff on the countertops, and clutter is always in sight!

So unless you tend to keep things neat and tidy, this can become a pain. Also, all the homes with this floor plan are starting to look the same. There is no uniqueness or character to these homes.



Buyers spend a lot of time thinking about their kitchen counters. Builders generally used regular laminate for these and called it done, but then came granite, marble, and quartz.

These stony materials have become more mainstream over the years. Granite is still king of counters, but marble definitely has an ardent following and, for some buyers, nothing else will do.

Yes, these stone countertops are beautiful and durable, but, with marble, there are a few factors to consider before you get your heart set. First, there is the cost. Marble is pricey, and these days you can get a similar look for much less.

And then there is the maintenance. They stain easily; not the best choice for families with children (or messy adults). They are beautiful but fussy to maintain.