What is in a Child’s Bedroom Set?

Now that your child is out of the crib and into a bed, it's time to think about a youth bedroom set. A kid's bedroom is, of course, for sleeping, but it is a multipurpose room serving many functions. A child's bedroom is a place for solitary play and for spending enjoyable time with friends. For many school-aged children, the bedroom is a quiet place to study and do homework. Your child's bedroom can also be a welcoming place for sleepovers with friends. When you choose kid furniture for your children's bedroom, consider her the room will be used so you will pick the right pieces.




As in any bedroom, the bed is the star of the child's bedroom. For youngsters just coming out of the crib there are junior beds with side rails for safety. Twin-size beds are a popular choice, while full-size beds provide enough space for an older and larger child.


A loft bed is a raised sleeping space that offers built-in storage below. Some loft beds have a place for a desk underneath. Space-saving trundle beds and bunk beds that come in many configurations accommodate two or three children in the same bedroom.


Themed bed shaped like a spaceship, fire truck, boat, or something else cancer your child's imagination and provide a basis for solitary play or happy hours spent with friends.



Some people opt to buy a matching children's bedroom set. A typical set comes with a matching dresser, a mirror, and a nightstand. Many name-brand children's furniture manufacturers offer additional matching pieces to fit your child's needs.


Moreover, you can add extra storage with chests and armoires that provide a rod for hanging clothes hidden behind doors as well as drawer space.


For school-aged children, a matching desk is a must. However, many teenagers appreciate a roomy day bed where they can spend their spare time lounging during the day, talking to friends on the phone, and playing video games.



Kids come with a lot of stuff from their toys, games, and books to their ever-changing wardrobes in multiple sizes.

Need help corralling the clutter? Hooks, wall-hugging book rails, under-the-bed storage crates, and furniture with built-in storage are great options and can double your storage space.

Installing a second rail in your kiddo’s closet is also an easy way to expand your storage potential.